Maintaining Chimney Flue Size – FuranFlex Case Studies


Initial Situation

Orkney College ORIC (Orkney Research and Innovation Campus) in Stromness needed to get the heating system modernised. Condensing boilers were fitted. The existing clay lining was unsuitable to support the operation of the condensing boilers as the system is designed for dry operation and the porous surface is not ideal for wet circumstances. Condensing boilers require a system to exhaust the corrosive gases and ensure condensates created during operation are drained in specific areas.


Project Challenge

The size of the flues meant that, in order to comply with flue regulations and to maintain adequate cross-sectional dimensions, a stainless steel solution was not feasible. The resulting liner would have been too small in diameter and damage to the chimney walls was likely. The advantage of the FuranFlex25 system is in its installation method; FuranFlex25 chimney liners are supplied by Kompozit’all UK in a soft state and they are inflated during installation to take up the existing flue shape and size, maximising the possible lined cross-sectional flue dimensions.



Thanks to the flexibility of FuranFlex, the team was able to line two chimneys within one day with minimal disruption and downtime to the operation of the building. The FuranFlex 25 liner moulded to the dimensions of the original clay liners providing a seamless, gas-tight and corrosion-resistant finish. During installation, adaptors were fitted to the FuranFlex 25 so once the installation was completed the boilers could be connected to the chimney with suitable stainless steel header system.


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