FuranFlex-25 RWV – The way to avoid chimney fans when renovating your fireplace

FuranFlex-25 RWV is an excellent lining solution due to its flexibility. It is very often used to enable the installation of a larger firepplace due to its ability to maximise the lined flue diameter and provide optimal draught. This also means that it’s not necessary to install and maintain a chimney fan if you line your chimney with FuranFlex.

Kompozit’all UK has a nationwide network of accredited chimney flue lining specialists. Additionally our liners come with a 25-year product guarantee.

Listed Chimney Upgrade to Gas Fire Operation – Without Chimney Fan


Our Strength is our Network – UK FuranFlex-25 Installers

Kompozit’all UK welcomes Grate Expectations to our expanding team of FuranFlex-25 installers. Our strength lies in our UK-wide certified installer network who provide expert FuranFlex-25 and VentilFlex-25 lining solutions which carry a 25-year product guarantee. This would not be possible withouth our installers’ thorough industry knowledge and top-notch customer support.

Kompozit’all UK have 23 installing partners with over 80 certified FuranFlex-25 engineers.

Grate Expectations, based in South-West London, lined two chimneys for DFE gas fireplaces and the job was completed within a single day. Congratulations!

The flexible application of FuranFlex-25 and VentilFlex-25 has proven successful even in the toughtest situations where access is difficult or the flue size is limited. It achieves a seamless job without the need to knock down walls in the process.

How to reline a 30-metre duct without mid-flue access – we demonstrate it using 3D simulation

VentilFlex-25 RKV is a lining technology that comes in all shapes and sizes, from liners as low as 80 millimetres in diameter all the way to 1 metre. This ventilation duct required a 1-metre diameter and 30-metre long liner to exhaust cooking gases from a large commercial kitchen serving patients and restaurants on-site.

Using 3D simulation we demonstrate the strength of VentilFlex-25 products; they come in a soft, textile-like consistency, which makes placing it inside the flue extremely easy and quick. Following steaming the hardened liner is as tough as steel and is completely air-tight.

Kompozit’all UK has a nationwide network of accredited ventilation duct lining specialists. These qualified engineers will make sure that the upgrade will be a success – first time round.

Commercial Kitchen Extract Lining in 1 Day – VentilFlex-25


Video: Hotel Heating Renovated for Reopening after Lockdown

Hoar Cross Hall needed a quick lining solution to serve the boilers which are essential to the operation of the spa hotel. FuranFlex was chosen as it provides a completely sealed and joint-free lining solution.

Another successful installation that we have added to our list of case studies, it demonstrates the advantages of FuranFlex, quick and painless installation of a liner that can mould to any shape and size. To read more about the details of this installation and to check out the photos taken of the liner, please visit the original case study page at the link below.

Hotel Renovates Heating for Reopening After Lockdown


VIDEO: Kitchen Extraction Duct Repair

VentilFlex-25 is a lining technology with a difference. Its main advantage lies in its flexibility and adaptability. This is especially useful for ventilation ducts with difficult access, offsets and awkward shapes, as the uncured soft liner goes around them with ease.

This video demonstrates how VentilFlex-25 RKV proved to be the only viable solution to line the 20-metre kitchen extraction duct of a Grade II listed building with metal supporting bars obstructing the way.

Kompozit’all UK has a nationwide network of accredited ventilation duct lining specialists. These qualified engineers will make sure that the upgrade will be a success – first time round.

Flexible Ventilation Liners – Kitchen Extraction Duct Repair


VIDEO: Bath Abbey – A Ventilation Ducting Challenge

Old meets New. Britain’s rich and diverse architectural heritage requires careful protection and architects have to observe strict regulations when it comes to renovating heritage buildings.

Such careful planning was necessary during the monumental renovation project to modernise the Kingston Buildings of Bath Abbey. The interior had to be torn down to make way for the various new layouts. The brand new spaces were designed to be state-of-the-art and they required an efficient and, above all, non-destructive solution to ensure thorough ventilation throughout the building.

Due to its versatility and mouldability – the bespoke liner is inserted in a soft, folded state and inflated once within the ventilation duct – VentilFlex 25 was chosen to renovate the building as an air-tight and corrosion-resistant ventilation system without any changes made to the building structure that conventional rigid liners would have required.

Click on the link below to read the case study and find out more about the technical challenges the team overcame using VentilFlex 25.

A Ventilation Solution for Bath Abbey – VentilFlex Case Study


Video: FuranFlex 25 Commercial Use

In this video case study, we demonstrate how FuranFlex 25 can be the most time and cost-effective solution. During the chimney lining of the St Thomas Moore School in London, the FuranFlex 25 installation technology made it possible to effectively use the existing chimney dimensions and to maximise the lined flue size without disturbing the existing chimney structure.

Click on the link below to find more information on how the team achieved this and for added technical details about the project specifics.

Large School Chimney Lined for Condensing Boilers – FuranFlex Case Studies


Video: FuranFlex 25 Heritage Application

Part of our new series of video case studies, this video demonstrates how FuranFlex 25 is an ideal lining solution for a variety of applications. Here FuranFlex 25 RWV was used in the restoration of 4 antique fireplaces to seal the leaking chimneys making it suitable for a solid fuel operation.

Click the link below to read more about the project specifications and how FuranFlex25 can help restore your antique chimneys and fireplaces with minimal impact on the structure of the building.

Restoring Antique Georgian Fireplaces – FuranFlex Case Studies


Kompozit’all UK Installation Partners’ Technical Update

speaker in front of audience


Kompozit’all UK had the pleasure to welcome our England-based FuranFlex25 installation engineers for our annual technical update, delayed due to the increasing demand for FuranFlex25 for chimney lining and now VentilFlex25 for ventilation ducting.


people sitting down


The meeting was held in Milton Keynes and was attended by 15 engineers representing our various installation partners in the London and Southern England region. It was a great opportunity to discuss recent developments to the FuranFlex lining technology as well as to go over the approved lining methods. With 12 new case studies and four installation videos added during this year, it was a perfect opportunity to share our collective expertise of FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25.


speaker giving presentation


Our Technical Director David Fleming discussed recent upgrades to the KNK36 Steam Generator machines used for curing FuranFlex25 flue liners and he also gave a run-down of maintenance procedures. There followed a discussion on surveying, installation and applications, with guide charts to aid specification and equipment.


Speaker giving presentation


The new FuranFlex25 removal tool developed by Kompozit’all UK was unveiled and its use was demonstrated to the team, with video available. This was a recent development, which is a quick clean solution for situations where a change of application is required (or in case of heritage requirements), providing added value and versatility to our customers.


people sitting in front of computer


Our Nationwide CPD program, accredited by RIBA, is a seminar for architects in the Design and Restoration of Chimney Flues and Ducts. Our installers were briefed about updates to the program to maintain the high standard and relevance of the seminar.

Finally, the opening of the KAU Chimney Engineering Assessment Centre for a Level 2 NVQ award in Chimney Engineering was announced. This award, which is open to the public, allows the ability to apply for CSCS trade registration as a Chimney Engineer and there was positive interest from all installation partners to participate to provide recognition of their skills as Chimney Engineers and their up-to-date knowledge of chimney lining, maintenance and renovation.


speaker speaking to audience

FuranFlex becomes even more flexible

Kompozit’all UK have developed a custom FuranFlex removal tool for when a change of application may be required. The device is designed to facilitate the removal of a FuranFlex liner without any damage to the inside of the chimney or the need to open up the flue wall, no matter the dimensions or the complexity of the project.


angle grinder cutting furanflex


FuranFlex25 liners are custom-made and designed to be operational for at least 25 years. During installation, a seamless and jointless, sized-to-fit liner is inserted into the flue.

To be able to effectively and non-destructively remove the finished liner, Kompozit’all UK have come up with an adjustable tool which suits a variety of diameters and goes around the bends which may occur throughout the flue route.


The device is designed to be able to cut the existing liner as it passes through it. The process is repeated until the liner is cut into regular strips for removal and safe disposal.


FuranFlex Restores Heritage Hotel Fireplace

The Morritt Arms Hotel’s building dates back to the 17th century. The interior of the Charles Dickens bar features a mural by John Gilroy depicting a scene with Dickensian characters, an homage to the writer, who is believed to have stayed at the Morritt.

charles dickens bar
This photo of Dickens Bar & Bistro is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The heritage nature of the building meant that a non-invasive solution was needed to fix the large void above the fire opening, which was the cause of repetitive chimney fires. The optimal solution was FuranFlex’s RWV liner, the soft tube was gently pulled into the chimney flue and it was hardened in just one afternoon, with no need to open the chimney and damage the famous mural. The hotel bar opened the same day for evening trade.

morritt arms hotel
Photo of Morritt Arms Hotel is courtesy of

The hotel management was so impressed that they asked our installers to complete an additional six installations.

To read the story in more detail visit our FuranFlex Case Studies webpage.



Kompozit’all UK 7th Annual Partners’ Meeting

Kompozit all UK partners watching presentation


Kompozit’all UK and representatives from our nationwide network discuss technical advances following a 50% increase in sales volume.

The 7th Annual Partners’ Exec Technical Briefing was attended by representatives from the manufacturer, Kompozitor, the UK distributor, Kompozit’all UK and the executives of the certified FuranFlex25 installation companies from across the UK and Ireland.

Kompozit’all UK was established in 2010 by Kompozitor Ltd, the Hungarian manufacturer of high strength, heat and fireproof composite materials, a new but proven technology for use in all chimney and duct lining. Since the beginning Kompozit’all UK installers have specialised in the restoration of chimney flues and ducts for all types of heating and ventilation applications, with over 7,000 successful installations of FuranFlex25 over the last 7 years.

The range of products, FuranFlex25 for heating and VentilFlex25 for ventilation, provides tailored solutions for each application but requires skilled up-to-date knowledge and training to ensure successful installation. This meeting served as the advance briefing before the annual re-certification for the 107 Kompozit’all UK approved installation engineers.

Over the years very varied lining challenges have been solved by the Kompozit’all UK partnership and their technical and installation teams, who worked together with their customers to deliver successful projects.

With its attention to detail and support through on-site assistance and a technical helpline, Kompozit’all UK commits to a fully comprehensive guarantee on FuranFlex25 for 25 years, including chimney and duct relining, and the customer is further protected by the availability of an optional 20 years insurance backed guarantee.