Large School Chimney Lined for Condensing Boilers – FuranFlex Case Studies


Initial Situation
The Thomas Moore Catholic School in Purley, South London have upgraded their heating system with condensing gas boilers. The combustion gases from the boilers are exhausted through a freestanding 28-metre chimney. The original brick chimney structure was not suitable for the wet operation required by condensing boilers. It is a requirement that chimneys serving condensing boilers be lined.


Project Challenge
The new boiler plant required a 500mm diameter chimney flue but the internal dimensions of the existing chimney would not allow a 500mm diameter stainless steel liner to be fitted. A FuranFlex25 Black liner was therefore specified and installed by Kompozit’all UK partner T Carter Ltd. The project had to be completed quickly to allow the school to be able to use the new boilers.


In situations like this where stainless steel is not able to provide a large enough cross-sectional flue size due to its rigidity, FuranFlex25 proves to be the best, most flexible solution. FuranFlex25, supplied by Kompozit’all UK Ltd, came as a folded and soft tube, the liner was inflated inside the chimney flue and it was steamed. The liner was hard within a few hours and fitting the contour of the chimney flue perfectly, maximising the internal cross-sectional flue dimensions. Only a couple of hours after the installation had begun, the appropriate adaptors/terminals were fitted making the chimney ready for wet operation.


Installed by:
T Carter Ltd.

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