Month: November 2019

Video: FuranFlex 25 Commercial Use

In this video case study, we demonstrate how FuranFlex 25 can be the most time and cost-effective solution. During the chimney lining of the St Thomas Moore School in London, the FuranFlex 25 installation technology made it possible to effectively use the existing chimney dimensions and to maximise the lined flue size without disturbing the existing chimney structure.

Click on the link below to find more information on how the team achieved this and for added technical details about the project specifics.

Large School Chimney Lined for Condensing Boilers – FuranFlex Case Studies


Video: FuranFlex 25 Heritage Application

Part of our new series of video case studies, this video demonstrates how FuranFlex 25 is an ideal lining solution for a variety of applications. Here FuranFlex 25 RWV was used in the restoration of 4 antique fireplaces to seal the leaking chimneys making it suitable for a solid fuel operation.

Click the link below to read more about the project specifications and how FuranFlex25 can help restore your antique chimneys and fireplaces with minimal impact on the structure of the building.

Restoring Antique Georgian Fireplaces – FuranFlex Case Studies