Month: October 2021

Our Strength is our Network – UK FuranFlex-25 Installers

Kompozit’all UK welcomes Grate Expectations to our expanding team of FuranFlex-25 installers. Our strength lies in our UK-wide certified installer network who provide expert FuranFlex-25 and VentilFlex-25 lining solutions which carry a 25-year product guarantee. This would not be possible withouth our installers’ thorough industry knowledge and top-notch customer support.

Kompozit’all UK have 23 installing partners with over 80 certified FuranFlex-25 engineers.

Grate Expectations, based in South-West London, lined two chimneys for DFE gas fireplaces and the job was completed within a single day. Congratulations!

The flexible application of FuranFlex-25 and VentilFlex-25 has proven successful even in the toughtest situations where access is difficult or the flue size is limited. It achieves a seamless job without the need to knock down walls in the process.