Month: August 2021

How to reline a 30-metre duct without mid-flue access – we demonstrate it using 3D simulation

VentilFlex-25 RKV is a lining technology that comes in all shapes and sizes, from liners as low as 80 millimetres in diameter all the way to 1 metre. This ventilation duct required a 1-metre diameter and 30-metre long liner to exhaust cooking gases from a large commercial kitchen serving patients and restaurants on-site.

Using 3D simulation we demonstrate the strength of VentilFlex-25 products; they come in a soft, textile-like consistency, which makes placing it inside the flue extremely easy and quick. Following steaming the hardened liner is as tough as steel and is completely air-tight.

Kompozit’all UK has a nationwide network of accredited ventilation duct lining specialists. These qualified engineers will make sure that the upgrade will be a success – first time round.

Commercial Kitchen Extract Lining in 1 Day – VentilFlex-25