Restoring Antique Georgian Fireplaces – FuranFlex Case Studies


Initial Situation
The 18th Century Georgian Country House was built in 1739 and is located in Derbyshire. The house is a Grade 1 listed building and also an English Heritage. The home was under major refurbishment and they wanted to use the existing antique fireplaces with the existing large openings. Kompozit’all UK’s installation partner, Grate Fires was contacted to ensure that the chimneys complied with current safety regulations and after examination with CCTV and smoke testing, they were deemed unsafe for use and had to be lined. The pargetting in the chimneys had fallen away and the mortar joints were leaking into different parts of the building. Lining with stainless steel liners was not feasible here as it would have compromised the cross sectional area of the chimney and the fireplace opening would have had to be closed down considerably.

Due to the protected status of the building extra caution had to be exercised to minimise the effects of the works carried out to the interior of the building. FuranFlex25 is ideal in situations where access is difficult and in heritage buildings where the structure of the walls has to remain intact.

The installation was quick and it did not impact the structure of the building. 4x Furanflex RWV liners were installed, each was finished within a day’s work, making it possible to use the period fireplaces once again. The most important requirement was to keep the current chimney sizes the same. This was made possible by FuranFlex25, which was inflated inside the chimney flue to expand into the available space, maximising the lined flue size.

Installation partner
Grate Fires Ltd.

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