Listed Chimney Upgrade to Gas Fire Operation – Without Chimney Fan


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  • application area: domestic heating
  • use type: gas fireplace
  • project scope: reline leaking chimneys while maximising the flue size
  • added value: 25-year guarantee on liner, no need to fit and maintain chimney fans


Two chimneys were leaking in this listed property located in Hertfordshire. In order to bring them in line with regulations for a safe operation, the chimneys had to be lined. Domestic chimneys often require a chimney fan after lining as traditional rigid liners restrict much of the original flue opening. As chimney fans can be expensive to fit and maintain, home owners will gladly choose a lining option that will preserve the flue size and allow the fireplace to be as large as possible.

furanflex chimney liner

Statement of work

The project was secured by accredited FuranFlex-25 installer Grate Fires, specialist in fireplace, chimney lining and stove installations. The project requirements were to line both chimneys and prevent further leaks before the gas fireplaces could be fitted. This was achieved using FuranFlex-25 RWV liners, which are rated for temperatures up to 450 degrees C. The liners were specially sized for each flue’s dimensions, and to accommodate the flue bends. The size and length of the liner was determined by camera surveying the chimney prior to the install. The soft liner tube is inflated using pressurised steam which will gently push the liner’s walls out to the flue, extending into the corners. Heating the liners with steam will cause a chemical reaction which sets the material harder than steel. The finished liner is smooth, jointless and highly corrosion resistant. Thanks to the expert installation and strong product quality control, both liners are guaranteed to work for 25 years.

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