A Ventilation Solution for Bath Abbey – VentilFlex Case Study


Project: Bath Abbey-Kingston Buildings

Application: natural ventilation solution within a heritage building
Spec: 4 x 150mm diameter VentilFlex-25  and   8 x 225mm diameter VentilFlex-25
Date of Fitting: 8-12 April 2019

Initial Situation:
Kompozit’all UK’s installation partner, Toast Ltd, was contracted to line 12 existing chimney flues to be used for ventilation, extracting air from the newly refurbished rooms. One of these would be the new choir room.

From each room the flues were lined with VentilFlex-25 up to the attic level, from where they were ducted out through a fan unit, back into the ventilation flue and out the top of the chimney. The team had to carry out a precision job in a confined attic space, making sure that each liner went tough all of the connecting adaptors in a straight line so that all of the fan units would line up.

VentilFlex-25 was chosen for this project because of its versatility and its long life span. The liner is light and comes as a soft and folded tube, which makes it easy to transport and to lower into the ventilation duct. Once in position, the liner is inflated and heated up, gradually assuming and maximising the internal dimensions of the existing ventilation duct and providing some of the fastest installation times in the industry. The resulting one-piece liner is extremely corrosion resistant, completely air-tight and it carries a comprehensive 25-year guarantee.

Installation partner:
Toast (Southern) Ltd.

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