Leaking Industrial Boiler Flues Relined – FuranFlex Case Studies

london paddington railway station

Initial situation:
The main contractor, working on Paddington Railway Station, contacted Toast (Southern) Ltd in regards to an existing rigid flue system that needed to be replaced as it was leaking.

Project challenge:
As this flue served many industrial boilers for heating and hot water for the local businesses and the train station itself, it was critical that these boilers stayed in operation with minimal disruption.
The original plan to replace the existing 45 metre rigid flue section was very timely and costly as it meant closing shops and a large portion of the Hilton hotel. The FuranFlex installer carried out a comprehensive survey of the flue and concluded that the rigid flue could, in fact, be relined using the FURANFLEX-25 Black liner, saving time and money.

The installer of FuranFlex managed to save the contractor tens of thousands of pounds whilst also trying to negotiate the heavy foot traffic at Paddington station when working on site.
All the works were carried out and completed within 2 days, thanks to the intuitive installation technology of FuranFlex, which makes it possible to gently insert the soft liner into the flue before inflating it into the existing flue dimensions and curing it with steam, within just a couple of hours.

Completed by:
Toast (southern) Ltd

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