Flue Relining for Gas Boilers – FuranFlex Case Studies

Job type: Leaking Flue
Length: 28M
Diameter: 450mm
Project Length: 2 days
Completed by: Toast

Initial Situation:
Toast had to investigate and survey a 25-metre flue at the Isle of Wight council offices. The flue serviced 2x large commercial condensing boilers. The flue was leaking badly through the chimney walls due to the amount condensate caused by the boilers.

Project Challenge:
Reconstructing the flue

Liner Chosen:
FuranFlex 25 Black

3 metres had to be reconstructed to the chimney and a 28M 450mm FuranFlex 25 Black was installed using 2 FuranFlex steamers. Due to the stack size we were able to winch the FuranFlex 25 into position and maintain cross-sectional area. New stainless steel pipework was installed from the boilers to the FuranFlex which now has a suitable valve for collecting and draining the condensate.

Completed by:

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