Open Gas Fire Flue Relining – FuranFlex Case Studies

Job type: DFE/Gas Open Fire
Length: 22M
Diameter: 275mm
Project Length: 1 day
Completed by: Kompozit’All

Initial Situation:
Court-field Gardens (London) The flue serving the ground floor flat, which serves an open gas fire, was breached. This meant a high chance of carbon monoxide leaking into other properties.

Project Challenge:
After calculating the opening size of the fireplace, existing flue dimensions, and height of the property, it was clear that stainless steel was not able to achieve an adequate cross-sectional area of the flue.

Liner Chosen:
FuranFlex25 RWV Red

FuranFlex25 was chosen to achieve the required cross-sectional dimensions. As the FuranFlex liner is supplied in a soft state, it can be expanded into the existing flue dimensions. A 22 meter x 275 mm liner was installed in a single day with minimal mess. The flue now performs properly, and a 25-year guarantee and HETAS certificates were issued on completion of the contract.

Completed by:

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