Church Chimneys Relined – FuranFlex Case Studies


two churches

Initial situation:
Two churches, one in Chippenham in Wiltshire, the other in Caversham in Berkshire, had major leakage issues with existing chimneys serving gas boilers. The main contractor needed a solution to make these flues operational quickly.
Toast (southern) Ltd surveyed both chimneys and decided the best system to use was the FURANFLEX-25 Black.

Project challenge:
The project timeframe was very short and the liners had to be installed within just days. This was made possible by the gentle yet effective installation technique of FuranFlex; the liner was inflated within the flue and steamed within a couple of hours to achieve its final shape and strength.

The FuranFlex installer had very a small window to plan and complete the works but through good communication with the main contractor and subcontractor they were able to repair both chimney flues in just two days (1 day on each).

Completed by:
Toast (southern) Ltd

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