Industrial Composite Chimney Installation for Waste Incineration Plant


Job type: PolyKamin

Length: 40M

Diameter: 1250mm

Initial Situation: Flue gas leakage due to corrosion, was taking place at the SARPI Dorog Environmental Ltd waste incineration plant in Hungary, restoration was chosen due to it being less expensive than replacement

Project Challenge: the diameters exceeded what FuranFlex25 Black was capable of.

Liner Chosen: PolyKamin

Result: After 10 years of continuous operation the internal surface is completely smooth. Weight of the 90 degree curve 700KG, weight of the drop catcher 1700KG, total weight 9300KG wall thickness only 25mm so the efficiency of the flue wasn’t limited. The warranty on corrosion for all PolyKamin projects is 30 Years.

Completed by: Kompozitor

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