Ventilation Exhaust Duct Relining – VentilFlex Case Studies

Job type: Ventilation ducting
Length: 1000M
Diameter: 125 / 250mm
Completed by: Tegelhantverk i Stockholm

Initial Situation:
Church of Sweden’s apartment building A forty unit apartment building owned by the parish of Maria Magdalena of Church of Sweden, situated on Södermalm in the center of Stockholm, was being completely renovated, with relining of the exhaust ventilation ducts as an important part of the project in order to create better indoor climate and to reduce electrical consumption for fan operation due to previous high duct leakage.

Project Challenge:
The ductwork is from the 1930s and made of asbestos cement where each duct has one or several 90 degree bends on them. With this as starting point we’ve chosen the relining material. Reline or install new? Relining the ductwork will provide better air quality and lower energy costs. The alternative would have been to demolish the existing ductwork and to install new spiral metal ducting. Concrete or masonry walls enclose the asbestos cement ducts so demolishing them would be very time consuming. The asbestos cement ducts are in some cases left free hanging inside concrete shafts with an imminent risk for the fragile asbestos cement material to break and cause carcinogenic asbestos waste.

Liner Chosen:
VentilFlex25 Green

Because the VentilFlex 25 duct liner can be installed in any existing ductwork, this is done without downsizing the original duct dimensions. VentilFlex 25 Green is available with ready-made bends that can also be easily cut and adjusted by the installer.

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