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Heritage projects require special consideration; the best way to restore such buildings is by combining the most accurate and revolutionary products with the right people. Each FuranFlex25 liner is bespoke manufactured, specifically measured and specified for every project to achieve precision.

Minimal Disruption

This is achieved by getting installations right first time, thorough in depth surveys including CCTV surveys of the project. Each liner is built specifically for each contract. The unbeatable life of FuranFlex25 and speed of installation add to this.

Protection Of Buildings

The unique materials used in FuranFlex25 means that there is no need to excavate any walls to enable the liners to be installed. The revolutionary installation process means it is the cleanest liner to install and minimises the chance of damage and disruption.

Heritage building restoration with FuranFlex25


FuranFlex25 can "mould" to the shape of the existing chimney. FuranFlex25 will also improve the efficiency of the chimney and has a high insulation value keeping the flue gasses hotter. If the appliance worked before it will work better once lined with FuranFlex25. The main concern of most listings officers is that the lining can be removed without excavating walls. FuranFlex25 can be removed without the need to excavate any walls

The Invisible Solution

FuranFlex25 product expands within the flue, pipe or duct to the precise shape of the internal structure.

This maintains the authenticity of historical buildings, whilst improving the flow through the chimney, pipe or duct, allowing them to function better than when they were originally built.

FuranFlex25 complies with all building regulations and with minimal disruption, many installations are completed in as little as 4 hours and invisibility of work, the integrity of the building is maintained.

The objective of repair is to reduce the long-term deterioration of a building’s fabric by protecting the building from the corrosive effects of combustion gases.


A conservative approach is fundamental to good conservation – so retaining as much of the significant historic fabric and keeping changes to a minimum are of key importance when carrying out repair work to historic buildings.

The detailed design of repairs should be preceded by a survey of the building’s structure and an investigation of the nature and condition of its materials and the causes and processes of decay.

Interventions should maximise the life expectancy of significant building fabric consistent with sustaining its significance, arrive at a comprehensive, sound engineering-based diagnosis of deterioration and its causes assess the impact of the options on the heritage values of the elements affected, and thus on the significance of the building as a whole.


The Invisible Relining Solution

FuranFlex25 expands within the flue to the precise shape of the internal structure. This maintains the authenticity of buildings, while improving air flow through the chimney, allowing them to function better than when they were originally built.

Historic Properties

Non-standard and listed properties can benefit from an efficient chimney lining system for large open fires without having to alter the size of the fire opening or install chimney fans. FuranFlex25 can be used to line inglenook fireplaces without altering the characteristics of the chimney. In fact, our systems can be tailored to match the profile of any chimney.

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