Our CPD Presentation Program

Using new technologies, the question of restoring, rather than replacing existing flues and ducts should be reconsidered as a realistic and sustainable solution.

The objective of this CPD seminar is for everyone attending to be aware of the principles that apply to chimneys and the various linings that might be considered, from small domestic to large-scale commercial properties, including heating and ventilation applications.

A current problem exists with the costly and time consuming practice of replacing ‘condemned’ ventilation ducting in commercial kitchen extraction applications, which can be answered in this seminar with proposals that give solutions.

In summary, this CPD will provide an understanding of traditional knowledge and skills adapted to harness modern developments to better solve today’s challenges in ventilation, kitchen extraction and commercial heating.

CPD presentation
CPD presentation

The CPD seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Chimney design, operation and safety
  • Comparison of various flue and duct lining systems
  • Heating principles and restoration
  • Ventilation principles and renovation
  • Kitchen Extraction principles and renovation
  • Overview of the various remedial options, renovation rather than replacement
  • Domestic vs. commercial requirements
  • Related legislation and requirements
  • Sustainability and future proofing

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