Fireplace Renovation in London – FuranFlex Case Studies


  • application area: domestic, home
  • use type: space heating, gas fireplace exhaust lining
  • project scope: restore fireplaces, rebuild chimney, line chimney duct
  • added value: 25-year guarantee on liner, quick and clean install, non-destructive

gas fireplace before after

old damaged chimney

Kompozit’All UK certified FuranFlex-25 installer Grate Fires Ltd was hired to renovate two fireplaces in a large house in Muswell Hill, North London. The camera survey revealed cracks in the chimney flue. To protect against carbon monoxide leaks, the chimneys had to be lined before the gas fireplaces could be fitted. The chimney structure had also been damaged and needed rebuilding.

After the top of the chimney had been rebuilt, a flexible and uninflated FuranFlex-25 tube was placed inside the chimney duct. This chimney liner is produced to fit the dimensions of the duct. After some preparations, pressurised air is used to inflate it, this gives the liner its final dimensions. Afterwards, the air is replaced with steam which hardens the liner material. The tube will take up the flue dimensions and form an airtight finish.

chimney survey camera

The installation took one day per chimney. The jointless and air-tight liner provides good draught and a clean and safe operation for the fireplaces. Moreover, the installation could not have been so easy and straightforward using other technologies. We are so confident in the proven performance of FuranFlex-25 that we provide a 25-year product guarantee for its continued operation without issues.

The FuranFlex-25 liner is automatically secured if a certified engineer installs the product. You can visit our ‘Installers’ page where you’ll find all of our installing partners with their contact details.

furanflex chimney flue

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